TARKA make children fall in love with being active

We are a premium exercise company who develop children’s physical, emotional and social skills, setting them up for success through expert care. By championing military values in our classes, we ensure your child is learning essential skills for life; respect, confidence, independence and teamwork.


The creation of TARKA stems from my love of exercise, which I believe is the key to happiness, a positive mental state, your physical well-being and your outlook on life.



Founder and Director

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TARKA was founded in 2016 when Rufus left the Household Cavalry

The creation of TARKA stems from his love of exercise, which he believes is the key to happiness, a positive mental state, your physical well-being and your outlook on life. He wanted to imbue this into young children, who are increasingly sedentary and living their lives in front of screens.

From studying the approach of Scandinavian countries in how they educate their young and their pioneering leadership in early years education, Rufus created TARKA: developmental exercise classes with the core focus of learning through movement. At a young age, children’s brains are so much more receptive to learning.

Rufus ran his TARKA class in a hall situated on a lovely quiet street in Notting Hill with 15 children. Today, TARKA has over 1,000 children coming through its doors in locations spread across London and the Cotswolds.

Meet the team

The TARKA team are dedicated to ensuring your child has the best possible experience at every class, birthday or event they attend. Our full time office team is supported by a roster of rigorously trained and energetic instructors.

  • Full time team
  • Instructors
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    Logistics Lieutenant

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    Captain of Strategy & Finance

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    Jack F

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    Olivia G-F

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    Theo L

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    Polina T

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    Molly E

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    Matteo C

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    Jack B

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    George B

  • Rufus


    Field Marshal Founder

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    Operations Officer

  • Oliver


    Expansion Brigadier

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    Managing Major

  • Damani


    Product Captain

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    Henry N

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    Ellie L

Come and join us as a TARKA instructor

We make exercise fun and engaging for children.

We’re looking for eager, exciting and super enthusiastic people to join us. The role is fun, energetic, flexible and you will be joining an epic team.

If you’re the type of person who loves exercise, has energy for days, enthusiasm through the roof and a smile 5 miles wide, then we would love to meet you.

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